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Our Goal:

We want every parent to be confident in knowing their canine companion is in the best care. We put forward our best efforts in ensuring your dog's comfort and needs. We are dedicated to creating a soothing spa-like groom for each unique personality.


Grumpy Puppy?

We understand not every dog is thrilled about getting groomed. At Maria's K-9 Spa, we gladly welcome your pets with special needs. Some dogs have quirks that we specialize in learning and adapting to. Once we know your dog's individual personality, we can then customize their grooming experience to fit their needs.

Your puppy is one-of-a kind!

No other dog quite compares to yours! And we know that! Our facilities provide many wonerful innovations in comfort grooming. We have a step-up drying table system that allows your pup to easily go up and down without strain or risk of injury. The grooming tables also lower to about a foot off the ground, and we even have a walk-in shower stall for the big guys! We want all dogs: big, small, hairy, or bald to feel welcome and accomodated.

Spa Day!

With your groom, your pet will get a spa experience. Starting with a "rough out" where we will remove matts and hair to desired length. Nails are clipped and filed with a dremel and ear hair removed. The bath will include high quality shampoos and conditioners ph balanced for your pet's needs. We then hand dry (never crate dry) the dog until dry and fluffed! The spa day will conclude with a full groom of the desired look. Then we spritz them with a lovely scent of your choice and give them an accessory if wanted!

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